Unique Minimalist Designs Inspired by the beauty of Washington State.

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Meet the designer

I'm Kirsta the owner and designer of Into The Forest Designs! 

I tried the nine to five life but it always left me wanting something more meaningful. In 2016 I opened Balsamroot Boutique with my mom. The change of pace and getting to work towards something I was actually passionate about was the shift I needed to reawaken my creativity. I have always loved art and drawing and the beauty of Washington and the Wenatchee Valley is my inspiration.

After testing the waters with a few of my designs and having them made into decals and shirts, I started to get excited. My art was helping people express their love of nature and encouraging others to get out and enjoy the many blessings of Washington.
I decided to launch Into The Forest Designs.

I work with and support the small business owners where I live because there is a caliber of craftsmanship present in small, family run operations that you lose when you go to mass production. I want to create and support locally sustainable art, inspired by and made in North Central Washington. 

I hope you like what I've made. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions.


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Retail Location-
Balsamroot Boutique at Pybus Market
7 N. Worthen
Wenatchee, WA

10:30-4 Everyday